Adding FastLane as a Static Peer

The validator node must label the FastLane Sentry as a "static peer." This can be accomplished by using one of the following:

  • Add the FastLane Sentry enode in the validator's /home/ubuntu/node/bor/bor_config.toml or ~/.bor/data/bor/static-nodes.json peers file.

  • Runadmin.addPeer(enode://fastLaneSentryEnode@PFL.IP.0.0:30303) command inside of Bor (bor attach ~/.bor/data/bor.ipc). This will have to be run each time Bor restarts.

  • List the FastLane Sentry node as one of its "boot nodes" during startup.

MAXPEERS Configuration

Validators are urged to check their MAXPEERS setting. It has been our experience that most peering failures are due to the validator node's MAXPEERS value not being increased by the number of FastLane Sentry nodes being added as new peers.

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