Health Status Endpoint


The FastLane Health Status API provides real-time insights into the current operational status and health of the FastLane blockchain nodes. This API is designed for users who'd like to monitor the health and availability of FastLane nodes. Users can query the Health Status API URL or simply visit it on their browser.

API Endpoint Details

Response Format

The API responds with a JSON object containing two key pieces of information: the status of the service and its health as a percentage.

Response Schema

  "status": "string",
  "health": "number"
  • status: A string indicating the overall status of the FastLane blockchain nodes. Possible values include:

    • running: The service is fully operational.

    • degraded: The service is operational but experiencing some issues.

    • down: The service is currently not operational or under maintanance.

  • health: An integer (0-100) representing the operational health of FastLane nodes as a percentage. A value of 100 indicates full health, 100% of the nodes are running, with all systems functioning correctly.

Using the API

Making a Request

You can query the FastLane Health Status API using any HTTP client. Here's an example using curl:

curl -L

You also simply visit to get the current Fastlane nodes health status.

CORS Policy

The FastLane Health Status API is accessible from any origin, making it suitable for use in web applications hosted on different domains.

Rate Limiting

Excessive use (e.g., several requests per second) may lead to rate limiting. We recommend polling the API no more frequently than a few times per minute for continuous monitoring purposes.

This API provides an easy and efficient way for users and developers to monitor the health of FastLane.

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