Glossary of Terms

FastLane Labs

The organization behind Polygon Fast Lane.

Polygon FastLane (PFL)

The FastLane protocol deployment on the Polygon blockchain.


A trader / bot operator specializing in "searching" for and executing MEV-related transactions. These are the primary "users" of the PFL protocol.


A special type of node operator who is nominated to add new blocks to the blockchain.

PFL Sentry

A heavily modified fork of Bor that runs the PFL auction.

PFL Relay

The RPC endpoint / API that searchers submit PFL bundles to. This endpoint takes care of distributing transactions to our global network of PFL Sentries.

PFL Bundle

A collection of exactly 2 transactions (the Opportunity Transaction, followed by the Searcher Transaction) that a Searcher can submit to the PFL Relay to participate in an auction.

Opportunity Transaction

This is the transaction that creates an "opportunity" on the blockchain for the searcher to trade behind, such as an oracle update.

Searcher Transaction

This is the transaction that registers the searchers bid in the auction, pays their success fee and contains parameters that are used to call the searchers callback if they win.

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