Kairos Terms & Definitions

FastBid: The transaction a searcher submits to the FastLane relay in order to participate in a Kairos auction. It's the searcher transaction wrapped in a submitFastBid call.

effectiveGasPrice: The standard gas price of a transaction is taken into account during Kairos auctions, and is computed as follow:

  • Legacy transactions (type 0): the gas price of the transaction.

  • EIP-1559 transactions (type 2): the minimum value between:

    • max. value of the baseFee in 2 blocks + priorityFee

    • maxFeePerGas

fastGasPrice: The price per gas the searcher is bidding. Unlike bundles (backruns) auctions, Kairos auctions bids are expressed as rates, in gwei terms. The final amount to be paid is fastGasPrice * gasUsed.

totalPrice: effectiveGasPrice + fastGasPrice

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